a collaborative economy for all

Norwich has been recognised as the UK’s first accredited sharing city by the Sharing Cities Alliance, following a pioneering not-for-profit campaign.  This accolade has put Norwich on the map as the city embraces the rise of the collaborative economy (sometimes called the sharing economy), and joins cities across the globe including New York, Barcelona, Athens, Dallas and Singapore.  

Achieving more with less

In partnership with the Alliance, Norwich Sharing City celebrates the collaborative opportunities presented by new and emerging technologies. This hub website has been created to enable more people to share knowledge, goods, services and money, which helps drive a sustainable economy – achieving more with less.

You’ll probably have heard of Airbnb, Deliveroo, Uber and Facebook’s Marketplace – these are all sharing initiatives that we’ve invited into our homes and become familiar with.  Now, Norwich is leading the charge with its own home-grown initiatives including Liftshare, Farmshare and Inlet. By working together across both business and social communities, we believe we can solve problems and create new opportunities that benefit everyone.