Norwich FarmShare

Norwich FarmShare’s vision is to support food systems that educate, connect and empower local communities to be healthier and more resilient, to be rooted to the land and to each other, and to experience a direct relationship with how our food is produced. 

We do this by providing fruit and veg to our members every week, combining what we grow on our farm at Whitlingham with buying in from other local producers. We distribute these bags to our city Hub for members to collect, or for delivery by our cycle delivery team. We also offer volunteering, educational and social events to our members and to the wider public. We run workdays at the farm every Thursday and on the first Saturday of each month, so our members can connect with the land and be part of the growing process.

You can support Norwich FarmShare by becoming a supporter member, buying vegetables, fruit and/or eggs from us, helping out on our farm or volunteering with us in other ways such as running fundraising events.