Norwich FoodHub

Around 200,000 tonnes of edible food is wasted by food retailers in the UK every year while thousands of people live in food poverty. In 2015, Norwich FoodHub was set up with the aim of reducing the amount of wasted edible food in Norwich by redistributing food effectively to the local community.  Local charities that tackle food poverty often don’t have enough volunteers, facilities, or the right qualifications to receive food from retailers. That’s where we come in.  Volunteers collect surplus food from local food retailers that would otherwise go to waste, we sort and store the food at our base and then redistribute it through local charities who get it to the people who need it. Norwich FoodHub is run entirely by volunteers who give anything from an hour of their time a month to help us collect food. We always need more volunteers, so if you want to find out how you can join the fight against food waste and change lives, sign up at visit our website and check out social media.