Refill Norwich

Refill is an award-winning campaign to prevent plastic pollution at source by making it easier to reuse and refill your bottle instead of buying a new one.

We want to disrupt the current social norm that we need to buy bottled water when ‘drinking on the go’ and make it normal and easy for people to carry a reusable bottle and refill for free when out & about. The objective of Refill is to stop millions of plastic bottles at source each year and prevent plastic pollution by making reusing a bottle simpler than buying a new one.”

Local businesses can help in two ways: 1) by signing themselves up as ‘refill stations’ on the Refill app, and thereby becoming another location that the general public can get their drinking water top ups from, and/or 2) by promoting the scheme to their staff: encouraging them to download the Refill app (to help find their nearest refill station) and quit buying plastic single-use bottled water. The more people who get into the refill habit, the more plastic pollution will be prevented at source.